How It Works

  1. Go to the New Order page for the store
    1. Select the store location to order from if the store has more than one location. In the location box you'll be shown when the next pickup window opens. Depending on your store type you'll pick up the order an hour after placing it (eg. restaurants) or during a pickup window the next business day (eg. grocery stores).
    2. Enter your name so the store knows who the order is for.
    3. Enter your cellphone number. The first time you use this site we'll send you a text message with a short verification number. We'll ask you to type in the verification number we sent to you. You won't have to do this again (unless you clear your cookies).
    4. Enter the items you want to order.
      1. Enter a item name or a short description. Include any specifics like color or style.
      2. If the item has a size tell us which one you'd like (eg. small, medium, large, 5lb, 12oz, etc)
      3. Enter the quantity (how many) you'd like
    5. Submit your order
  2. If you're paying online we'll send you a text message with the total due. Open the link we sent you and pay. If you don't pay online you can pay at the store upon arrival.
  3. About 30 minutes before the pickup window opens we'll send you a text message reminder to go pick up your order. Don't delete this text message!
  4. Go to the store and park out front (or at the specified pickup location if there is one)
  5. Reply to the text message reminder we sent you with a description of your car (eg. red car, blue truck, black bike, on foot with shirt shirt, etc) OR follow the link in the text back to this site and click "I've Arrived". This will let us know you've arrived and help us find you.
  6. We'll reply back letting you know we got the message and be out with your order in a few minutes.
  7. Receive you order (we'll come get payment first if you didn't pay online)

You can check your order status and past orders by clicking the Past Orders link in the top menu.